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Developing the most effective mobility solutions including Artificial Intelligence, Big DATA, and smart city technologies.



ProKelSMART is an extension of ProKel Mobility’s full -service capabilities. Our forward-thinking innovators help transform current agency modes to the next level.

The combination of big data trends and the emphasis of smart technologies offers a wealth of opportunity for operational and systematic proficiencies. We use this data rich information and develop new customized solutions for our customers.

For Many years, transportation providers would just offer cookie cutter box transit models to agencies without studying the need of the agency or the community. These agencies would be stuck contractually with providers for years and the end users, the residents, would suffer inadequate service or not get solutions for their true transportation needs.

We at ProKel would first use our ProKelMART team and technology to identify the needs of our future customer by using the Big Data provided.Then, will we customize a specific plan fit for our customer’s needs for today and tomorrow.